11 Nalda Murilova – Timeline

Sources of information for Timeline

AB                  Angela Barlow; letters and pers comm with NM

GG                 Grace Greenway; recorded interview, and pers comm with AB

NM                  Nalda Murilova

Pritchard         Pritchard, Jane, with Hamilton, Caroline, Anna Pavlova, Twentieth Century Ballerina (London: Booth-Clibborn 2013)

SMcA              Sandra McAuliffe Collection

V&A                Victoria & Albert Museum archive, London


1979 Diaghilev exhibition programme, Norwich; AB

Albums A & B – Murilova’s theatrical and personal albums; held by Julia McLaven

Guernsey Evening Press & Star – interview with NM, 25.09.1982; SMcA

Sokolova (ed Richard Buckle), Dancing for Diaghilev, The Memoirs of Lydia Sokolova, John Murray, 1960





Muriel Louisa Barnett born London July 6th



Living at 23 Hilgrove Road, Swiss Cottage, London Census


1913 – 1914

Starts ballet lessons after seeing Pavlova dance   NM: her talks on Pavlova at Ivy House 1968 – cutting, GG

Early training – where???


1920 – 1922

Training with Novikoff around now in London ‘NM trained with Novikoff & Legat’ – GG



Definitely with Novikoff now   Dated photo, Album A



‘At 18 was a member of Pavlova’s partner’s company [Novikoff] and knew Pavlova’   NM, Guernsey newspaper interview


Midsummer Night’s Dream, Drury Lane Theatre: dancer. Choreographer: Michel Fokine. Named in programme as Muriel Bartova.   Programme and M’s photos



January – March:

Midsummer Night’s Dream, Drury Lane

May 18th – Aug 1st:

Probably with Diaghilev’s BALLETS RUSSES, at the Coliseum, London   Legat ballet master there summer 1925 – early 1926 See GG 1921/22 above; dates – Sokolova. Cast members same as in NM’s letter to AB ; Sokolova. Nemtchinova’s signed photo ‘Coliseum 1925’; SMcA. ‘Dolin in the co.’; NM letter to AB. Dolin in co till late summer only, except 1924 & 1928; Sokolova


Devon holiday   Photo – Album B

September 28th – October 24th:

Possibly PAVLOVA CO Covent Gdn. Card from Danish dancer Karina saying ‘Congrats on Pavlova contract’ dated July 1925; SMcA

October – November:

Possibly UK tour (PAVLOVA)



June 14th – July 23rd:

Probably with Diaghilev’s BALLETS RUSSES at His Majesty’s Theatre in London. ‘Karsavina occasionally guested’; NM’s letter to AB. K did guest in 1926; Sokolova & 1979 Diaghilev exhibition programme. NM’s signed photo from Thamar Gevergeva, dated 1926; TG in Company then – Diaghilev programme V & A


Family holiday in France & Pyrenees   NM’s photos – Album B

October 2nd:

Muriel’s father Lawrence dies.   General Register Office

November 7th:

M embarks with PAVLOVA CO from Liverpool St to Hook of Holland for European tour.   NM’s Tournée schedule; SMcA. Algeranoff’s book



PAVLOVA tour continues.   NM’s Tournée schedule

May 10th:

Final performance of PAVLOVA tour. NM returns to London.   NM’s Tournée schedule; SMcA

End of June:

PAVLOVA Rehearse for short continental tour incl Ostend, Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden. Was NM there? No clues.


PAVLOVA Co. returns to London to rehearse for Cov Gdn season

September 12th – 24th:

PAVLOVA Covent Garden season. NM’s 1927 Covent Garden Programme; SMcA (although NM & corps de ballet not listed). Guernsey article saying NM danced at Covent Garden.

October 3rd – December 10th:

PAVLOVA Tour of UK.   NM: with Pavlova she ‘danced from time to time in Bournemouth.’ B’mth occurs twice on this tour [Pritchard]

December 13th:

    PAVLOVA tour to Holland. NM? We don’t know.



January – May:

PAVLOVA tour continues in Germany, Italy & Paris. NM? We don’t know.


Holiday on Cote d’Azur. Photos; Album B

December 26th:

LYDIA KYASHT CO at Pump Room, Bath.   Programme as Muriel Lawrence; Album A

December 29th:

LYDIA KYASHT CO at Winter Gardens, Bournemouth. Programme as Muriel Lawrence; Album A



March 4th & 11th:

OUMANSKY BALLET at London Palladium.   Playbills & programme as Muriel Lawrence; Album A


OUMANSKY BALLET in Berlin at the opening of the Babylon Kino. Also at Titania Palast.   Playbill & programme: Album A. Photo of 2 dancers off- duty, names to send copies to on back: Pandora, Moira, Ella, Angela, Nora, Anna; Album B. Photo of smart woman in cloche hat (Molly Lake?), names on back: Moira, Mollie, Pandora, Angela, Ella, Norah, Anna; Album B


Holland (Scheveningen and den Haag).   Photo of unknown man among tulips; and NM ditto; Album B


London – Garden of Novikoff’s studio. Photos; Album A

July 1st – 14th:

STROGANOFF BALLET at Princes’ Restaurant, London.   Programme; Album A

July 19th:

STROGANOFF BALLET at Royal Hall, Harrogate.   Programme; Album A


Harrogate. Photo, Stroganoff pas de quatre posing on rocks; Album B

July – December:

THE STROGANOFFS in Berlin, Brussels (Liège Palace), Stuttgart, Essen (Casanova).   Cuttings, programmes, Album A


STROGANOFF BALLET back at Princes’ Restaurant, London for Christmas.   Cutting ‘The Sphere’ Oct 26th; Album A




Monte Carlo (Restaurant des Ambassadeurs).   Playbill, Album A


San Remo; Lugano.   Photos, Album B


THE STROGANOFFS in Rome (Sala Umberto).   Cutting, Album A


Eze sur Mer, La Turbie.   Photos; Album B


Holland?   Photos; Album A

December 22nd – 28th:

OUMANSKY presents The Leopards, a sensational ballet with Nalda Murilova, etc, at the New Victoria Theatre, London.   Playbill; Album A




STROGANOFFS in Copenhagen.   Company photos; Album B


Milano, Nervi, Genova.   Photos; Album B


Firenze, Bologna, San Remo. San Remo: ‘1931, 1932, 1933’


Ostia (beach of Rome).   Photos; Album B


Berlin – STROGANOFFS’ ‘successful season at the Winter Garden’  Cutting, Alexandria Gossip July 18th; Album A

July & August:

Alexandria (Casino San Stephano).   Programmes etc; Album A

September 1st:

‘…left Alexandria on Sunday to fulfil their engagement at the Teatro Alfieri, Turin.’   Cutting; Album A




Italy?   Ref May 1931; Album A

Wye Valley – holiday?   Photo; Album B


Amsterdam – holiday?  Photo; Album B


NALDA EN FRANTZ MURILOFF Grand-Theatre, Amsterdam.   Cutting, playbill; Album A

December 15th:

THE BARNETTS Rembrandt Theater, Arnhem.   Cutting; Album A

December 30th:

THE BARNETTS Le Pavillon, Paris.   Programme; Album A



Jan 1st – 5th:

THE BARNETTS Le Pavillon, Paris.   Programme; Album A


THE MURILOFFS, Grosvenor Gaieties, Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London.   Programmes; Album B


THE MURILOFFS, bookings “for 6 months” in UK.   Frans Muriloff, memoir article; Daphny Muriloff


Frans and Muriel open ballet school in Amsterdam. Guernsey article




Muriel flees to England as Hitler’s forces prepare to invade the Netherlands.   Guernsey article



Opens Murilova School of Dancing in The Square, Bournemouth



Sandra McAuliffe (née Curtis) takes over the school.   Murilova Ballet School website



June 4th:

Muriel dies, in Bournemouth, aged nearly 84.


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